Cold Spring Orchard

Peach Thinning

Peach thinning

The orchard crew is busy thinning the peach trees at this time of year. We visit each peach tree in the orchard and thin the fruit to one peach every 6- 8 inches. If left to their own devices, peach trees will produce up to 20 fruit on 8 inches of branch. Thinning out the fruit allows the peach tree to concentrate all of its resources to less fruit, producing peaches that are bigger, juicer and better colored. This job can be tedious and since it is usually a hot and humid time of year the peach fuzz sticks to sweaty skin and can be extremely itchy. Needless to say peach thinning is not one of the more enjoyable tasks at the orchard but biting into a sweet juicy peach makes all of the hard work worth it!