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Retail Store Hours: 10-5, 7 days a week

Pick Your Own Hours: Weekends and Holidays 10-4

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We currently are selling

Asian Pears

Bartlett Pears

Apples - Zestar, Sansa, Gingergold, Ruby Red McIntosh, Cortland, Macoun, Honeycrisp, Fuji, Modi and Paula Red

Orchard Made Jams and Jellies

Orchard Honey


Pick Your Own

The weekend of October 1, 2022, varieties available for picking: Macs, Red Delicious and Golden Delicious.

PYO Hours are 10-4, weekends.

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Research and Education
at Cold Spring Orchard

At Cold Spring Orchard, UMass scientists study ways to grow more tree fruit in less space, compare the ability of varieties of fruit to resist disease and insects, and search for ways to reduce the amount of potentially hazardous chemicals used in growing fruit.

Visit the UMass Fruit Program for more information

Publications related to best management practices, management guides, integrated pest management

Fruit related fact sheets

Check out our video on High Density Apple Orchards

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Farm Telephone: 413-323-6647

Farm Manager: Shawn McIntire, email:

Assistant Farm Manager/ Orchard Administrator: Kristen Hanley, email:

Education Coordinators:
Julie Salva, email:
Janet Foy, email:

Donations Coordinator: Dawn Winkler, email: